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Important Dates
September 29
  • Stafford Intermediate

  • 12-2

October 27




Meeting and Contest

  • GNM Coffee Shop Barnegat

  • 12-2

Dear Administrator:


The Ocean County Math League believes that the way to interest students in mathematics is first through their teachers. Recently the attendance at our monthly meetings has been marginal at best.  While several school districts have a representative from each building in their district, other districts do not have a single representative. We, at OCML, feel all districts would benefit by having a representative attend our monthly meetings. Most meetings are scheduled for a half professional day, while other more important meetings require the full day.

As the common core standards and state testing undergo tremendous change, a representative from your school can serve as a liaison to inform your faculty of the changes and challenges our students will have to face. Representatives from each school should attend the League’s monthly meetings (September – June). Teachers who participate in the League receive professional development hours, but more importantly, they become catalysts for positive change within their districts.

The teaching and learning of mathematics cannot be accomplished in a vacuum. We must encourage continuous, self-reflective growth and renewal for all stakeholders. The Ocean County Math League seeks to do just that.

Please assist in this endeavor by having your school/s send a representative to the League’s monthly meetings. 



Dan Breslow-OCML President

Ocean County Math League Executive Board Members


December  15
  • Stafford Intermediate

  • 8:30-2:30pm

  • Test Construction

January  12
  • Stafford Intermediate

  • 8:30-2:30

  • Test Review

February  23
  • Stafford Intermediate


  • Test Review

April  15-19
  • Elementary Contest Window

  • April 15-19

  • Postmarked by April 22


May 17
  • Stafford Intermediate

  • 8:30-2:30

  • Grading Meeting


May 22

Dan Breslow ~ President

Sarah O'Neill ~ Registration~Web

Cheryl Froio ~ Treasurer

Marjorie Browning

~ Recording Secretaries

Elementary School Committee


~ Nadine Burgess

~ Jeannine Golderer



Middle School Committee


~ Jill Zakerowski

~Cheryl Froio

~ Michael Ryan 


  • RWJ Barnabas Health Arena

    • Toms River HS North​

  • Middle School Contest​

  • 9am.

June  4
  • Elementary and Intermediate Awards Ceremony at the STAC (Stafford Township Arts Center)


  • 7:00pm

June  7
  • Final Meeting

  • LBI Hotel Livingroom

  • 12:30


                                    Best Pi Day Ever

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