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The Ocean County Math League believes that the way to interest students in mathematics and fulfill the vision set forth in the New Jersey Math Standards is first through teachers.  Teachers who are not only enthusiastic about their subject but who are also steeped in their disciplines and who continually seek to enhance their professional training as teacher leaders – to teach their subject well. 


To assist teachers in this endeavor the OCML provides an outlet for teachers around the county to improve the quality of their math pedagogy and preparation by organizing and providing meaningful professional development opportunities that reflect the New Jersey Math Standards. Those members who attend our monthly meetings are also provided an opportunity to reflect on their pedagogy and network with representatives from other districts.


Most importantly, the League fills a void for our students who must be prepared for the mathematical and technological challenges of the 21st century.  The League does this by providing students with an opportunity to compete annually in challenging math contests.  Teachers and supervisors from around the county create these contests – another opportunity for meaningful discourse centered on assessment.  The contests created are rigorous and designed to reflect the New Jersey Math Standards and the state assessments. 


Many students are recognized at annual award ceremonies with trophies and monetary grants in order to encourage their mathematical pursuits. Each year four  districts and 75 students receive recognition at the Intermediate level (grades 4-6); four districts and 40 students at the middle school level (grades 7-8); and 30 students representing various districts at the high school level.  The feeling of pride and accomplishment these students, their parents, teachers and districts feel can not be measured.




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