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2023 Contest Results Grade 5



1st Place Team:  Stafford Intermediate-Stafford

  • Kevin Rodriguez

  • Sean Molloy

  • Noah Petterson

  • Cate Naylor

  • Blakely Antonowicz


2nd Place Team:  Mill Pond Elementary~Lacey

  • Ethan Sossa

  • Gabriella Toner

  • Ryan Sabolchick

  • Vaughan Slota

  • Jackson J. Sager


3rd Place Team: North Dover Elementary-Toms River

  • Devansh Gupta

  • Alexander Koppenhaver

  • Harrison Yannariello

  • Kavya Patel

  • Massimo Raineri


4th Place Team:  Hooper Avenue Elementary-Toms River

  • Noah Koeppen

  • Patrick Briles

  • Ryan Kuhn

  • Sean Cole

  • Addison Sheehy












1st Place:     Devansh Gupta

North Dover Elementary School~Toms River


2nd Place:    Kevin Rodriguez       

Stafford Intermediate~Stafford


3rd Place:   Sean Molloy

Stafford Intermediate~Stafford


4th Place:     Ethan Sossa  

 Mill Pond Elementary~Lacey


5th Place:     Noah Petterson

Stafford Intermediate~Stafford

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