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2023 Contest Results  4th Grade


1st Place Team: McKinley Ave~Stafford

  • Louis Fierro

  • Nate Gourley

  • Jaxon Clark

  • Jayden Abeleda

  • Shannon Dimmick



2nd Place Team:  Emma Havens Young~Brick

  • Chase Decape

  • Geoffrey Speiser

  • Gary Sullivan

  • Miles Rempfer

  • Isabella Filleau


3rd Place Team: Drum Point Elementary~Brick

  • Ella Ferrie

  • Chris Tores

  • Tommy Huzar

  • Gehrig Bernacki

  • Emily Smith


4th Place Team: Veterans Memorial~Brick

  • Mackenzie Bender

  • Caleb Devera

  • Adrian Cansera

  • Dominic Sommers

  • Julia Garone










1st Place: Louis Fierro             

McKinley Avenue School~Stafford

2nd Place: Mackenzie Bender

Veterans Memorial~Brick


3rd Place: Kali Defluri

West Dover Elementary School~Toms River


4th Place: Caleb Devera

Veterans Memorial~Brick


5th Place: Ella Ferriel

Drum Point~Brick






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