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2024 Contest Results  4th Grade


1st Place Team: McKinley Ave~Stafford

  • Patrick Robillard

  • Jacob Cassidy

  • Alexander Raffaele

  • Abigail Congdon

  • Morgan Winkelried



2nd Place Team:  Midstreams Elementary~Brick

  • Scott Alsdorf

  • Tristian Scutro

  • Dylan James Portaleos

  • Henry Brower

  • Jackson Gonzalez


3rd Place Team: Forked River School~Lacey

  • Leonardo DeCola

  • Mariah Carvalho

  • Wes Pearce

  • Kylie Emme

  • Ethan Jacobs


4th Place Team: Veterans Elementary School~Brick

  • Auden Rohrs-Dodge

  • Liam Jones

  • Briana Fisher

  • Royan James Randolph

  • Hemani Patel










1st Place: Leonardo DeCola             

Forked River School~Lacey

2nd Place: Patrick Robillard



3rd Place: Saanvi Gupta

North Dover ~Toms River


4th Place: Richard Loiacono

Silver Bay~Toms River


5th Place: Justin Kim

Cedar Creek~Lacey






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